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Volunteer Opportunities


Look here for a list of Virtual Volunteer Opportunities.

Phoenix - Color A Smile

Color cheerful drawing for Senior Citizens and Troops Overseas

About This Volunteer Opportunity


Kids, teens, and adults of any age can volunteer to color and help us spread smiles. 

Since 1990, Color A Smile has given out millions of cheerful drawings… That’s a lot of smiles!

Color A Smile provides volunteer opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to experience the joy of helping others. 

Click on the link below for more details; downloads of pictures to color, instructions for what should be included on the pictures, and where to send your completed pictures.

To sign up and record volunteer time, click Here to login to your USAA Serves account.


* Don't forget to log your volunteer time on USAA Serves to earn rewards for your Giving Account. Login for more details.

Storytime Bank: Record Children's Books for Military Children

About This Volunteer Opportunity

UTR’s mission is to strengthen military families’ literacy, emotional bonds, and well-being through the power of reading together at every age, no matter the distance. Their vision is for a nation of thriving military families whose strength is amplified by a shared love for reading. 

The United Through Reading App is available 24/7/365 to video record service members wherever in the world they are & quickly gets those stories & the corresponding books to their children, meaning families experiencing deployment can share story time together from Day One. UTR is also available at military-focused events like military family days & pre-deployment events. Our program can be found at locations where military families seek services such as installation libraries and other on and off-installation partners. Finally, UTR embeds in deploying military commands utilizing service members attached to their units to provide direct services to their peers while far away from home.

United Through Reading provides benefits for all military family members, not just children. Through these story time video recordings, service members are also able to maintain close emotional bonds with their families at home, reducing feelings of separation or loneliness and helping them reintegrate to home life when they return.

United Through Reading’s free program is available to all branches of the military, regardless of duty status, including Veterans. 

Special Highlight for March: Record stories about women in history! 

How to participate:

  1. First download the United Through Reading app on your personal phone or tablet.

  2. Complete the waiver linked in the instructions below using your personal device to allow UTR to use your story. 

To donate to the United Through Reading Storytime Bank:

  1. At the very bottom of the home screen of the UTR app, click on the words Sign In.

  2. Log in using this information:, Password: 24<UsaaTx

  3. Once logged in, click top right corner three dots and select Site Mode. You must be in site mode to upload stories to the donation bank. 

  4. Record your story(ies) by following this instructional guide.

  5. You can record as many stories as you want. 

  6. BONUS!: If you can read a story in a different language or in sign language, diversity in the stories that are donated is always a plus!

NOTE: It's a plus if you can wear your USAA Volunteer shirt but not required. You are welcome to bring your own book to read or during this week only for in person participations, books will be available in the room to choose from. 

 If you are a DOD ID holder who want to record stories for your family members to stay connected.

  1. Log in with your Id. Me account information

  2. Ensure you have the email of the adult who is able to show the video to the child you are sharing your recorded story with. (IE: Aunt, Uncle, Spouse, Grandparent)

  3. Record your story following this instructional guide starting on page 2. 


To sign up and record volunteer time, click Here to login to your USAA Serves account.


* Don't forget to log your volunteer time on USAA Serves to earn rewards for your Giving Account. Login for more details.

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