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Check out some of the benefits of membership.  If you aren’t a member yet, and you meet the eligibility criteria, consider joining.



    • Members get together with friends and meet other retirees at luncheons and volunteer events.

    • As an exclusive benefit of membership, invitations are extended to USAA-sponsored events, such as the Holiday Party, in your local Chapter area.


    • Members’ contact information is available under the Membership tab and enables members to remain in touch.


    • Members can utilize USAA Serves to seek out volunteer opportunities in their communities.

    • Members are notified when there is a Golden Eagle sponsored volunteer event, and USAA Serves is utilized to sign up for the event.

    • Members can log their volunteer hours on USAA Serves, reinforcing USAA’s core value of Service and earning $200 charitable dollars annually through the Dollars for Doers program when 24 or more hours are logged for the year.


    • Club members’ children and grandchildren are eligible to apply in their senior year of high school for a Golden Eagle Scholarship of $2,500.


    • Members’ personal contributions, along with USAA’s matching of those donations, support the USAA Golden Eagle Club Scholarship Program.

    • Members can utilize USAA Serves to make charitable donations to qualified charities, with USAA covering the processing fees, allowing 100% of each donation to go directly to the charity.

    • During featured promotions, USAA will match donations dollar-for-dollar, up to $500 per donor annually.

  • NEWSLETTER — The Golden Eagle News provides members with:

    • Information on Golden Eagle events that have occurred.

    • Notices of upcoming events.

    • USAA corporate items of interest to members.

    • Health tips.

    • Bits of news about the busy lives of members.

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